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Template-based Mass Mailing in Microsoft Outlook Print E-mail
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It happens from time to time that you need to send the same message to a large number of recipients - whether those are friends or your company's customers. It is certainly wanted that the message was personalized and sent to each recipient individually. The MassMail module for Potolook will do just that.

Before use of the module be convinced, that for editing letters it is not used Microsoft Word (by default Word it is used).

This module functions as follows. First, we create a template for the message we want to mail out. That can be any kind of a message in the plain-text or HTML format (including attachments and other "makeweights"). Since each copy of this message will be sent individually, we may use the macros %Name% and %Address% in the message body. When the message is sent to server, these macros will be replaced with the recipient name and address automatically. If a recipient is identified by e-mail address only, the %Name% macro will be replaced with blank. The figure below shows a message example:

Mass mail template example for Microsoft Outlook

Once you have selected all the recipients and added them to the "To:" (or "Cc:") field, run the name validation from the "Service"-"Validate Names" menu. Next, after all the recipients have been validated, to send the messages, we click on the menu item: "P-Service"-"Modules"-"MassMail"-"Send Personal Message to Each Recipient". After you have confirmed the action, individual messages will be created in the "Outbox" for each recipient. Just click on the "Send/Receive" button to have the mail delivered.

If you want to use mailing lists that were created in the Outlook address books earlier, after adding such lists to the "To:" field, expand the list by clicking on the "+" as shown on the figure below:

Mass mail template list for Microsoft Outlook


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