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Origins in Microsoft Outlook Print E-mail
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With this Potolook plug-in, you can easily insert an origin from a file in each outgoing message in MicrosoftR OutlookR. The origin files are the plain-text files where each line contains an origin. The program will pick a random line from the file and insert it in the right position of the message.

There are numerous collections of origins available on the Internet. You will need to use a special command in order to use origins in your template. To get started, download the origins file you liked to your computer. The files can be merged any way you want - these are the regular plain-text files. Let's assume, the origins file is saved as "c:\deviz.txt". In that case, to insert origins from this file to your template, you will use the command:


Please note: there is a double backslash!

If the origins file is saved at a different location, you will need to provide the required path in the command. Here are a couple of examples:


You can use several origin files and apply one or the other depending on current template or in different places of the same template.

The greetings file can be used exactly the same way. This file, instead of origins, will contain greeting texts; for example:

How do you do?
Good afternoon!
And so on.

If you send messages to e-mail discussions, this will diversify your messages and will make an impression that you are extending a personal greeting.

The same concept can be used for message closures. Basically, let your imagination run away with this, and your messages will become really inimitable!


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