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Thank you for choosing the Potolook plug-in!

Potolook toolbar

Now you can run Outlook and the Potolook toolbar must appear among the other toolbars in your Outlook. If the toolbar didn't appear.

A new message creation

To create a new message based on a template, click the Create button on the plug-in toolbar. The new message based on the default template will be created. Use the Reply button to reply.

The default template

To edit the default template choose P-Service->Default Template from the plug-in toolbar. The template editor will appear. All Potolook templates are stored in separate files, you can create a template by simple copying. After the installation the templates are stored in the folder My documents\My Templates and Scripts for EMail\Templates.

The folder templates

Any template can be assigned to each Outlook folder. For this, right-click the necessary folder to invoke the context menu, then click Properties->Potolook. To edit the template assigned to the current folder, click the P-Service->Current Template menu item.

To assign a few templates to a folder at once, and to select them "on-the-fly", use the Template selection module. For this, click the P-Service->Modules->Select Template->Options for current folder menu item.

More about templates features read in the following articles.

Attachments view

From the version 3.5 the plug-in is able to view the attached images on the message quick view panel. If the current message contains an image attachment, an additional preview panel will appear at the bottom of the panel. You can also view the Internet headers of the messages as a plain text. Enable this option in the P-Service->Options->Attachments viewer menu.

Automatic message processing

Some plug-in modules have an automatic message processing feature (attachments autosave, autoresponder, CRM module, etc.). To enable it, you need to create a sorting rule by clicking Tools->Rules and notifications on the Tools Outlook menu. You can use any sorting rules but always choose the action "Perform additional action".


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