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Selection of account for message in Microsoft Outlook Print E-mail
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From time to time, depending on a number of conditions, we face the necessity to send messages using different accounts. For instance, in the office you receive the official correspondence along with messages from your friends. It would be great that you could send the replies via different accounts. We are going to try that in a moment.

First of all, have the Potolook plug-in installed on your computer.

Suppose, you have got two (there can be any number of them) user accounts: "Work [mywork@mywork.com]" and "Home [myhome@myhome.com]", as shown on the figure below:

You can now configure sorting rules in such a way that the work correspondence would go to one folder, and personal messages would go to the other one. To do that, use the menu items [Service/Rules and Notifications].

In order to specify the account to be used for sending messages based on these templates, in the initialization section we will add the following commands:

For the "Work" template::

// Setting account
Account = "Work [mywork@mywork.com]"

For the "Home" template:

// Setting account
Account = "Home [myhome@myhome.com]"

! You should use the built-in editor of messages Outlook (not Word).



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