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Potolook 5.0 beta with Outlook 2007 support Print E-mail

The new version of Potolook Outlook Plugin v5.0 beta is available. Last Beta-version with Microsoft Office 2007 support.

Download Potolook 5.0 beta

  • Support Microsoft Office 2007
  • Support Internet Explorer 7
  • Complete support of object model Word for the reference to the current editor of letters (including at fast viewing).
  • Correct reception of the selected text in Outlook 2007.
  • fix. At occurrence of a mistake at the moment of loading in Outlook 2007 plug-in was located in the switched - off objects. Then it was impossible to return it in section of active. Sometimes there was a duplication of work of buttons.
  • fix. On systems with established IE6 SP2 and is higher at opening HTML of forms the warning of system of safety was shown. Only the correct safety zone is now applied to a stream in which works Potolook.
  • Complete support of work with the shared folders on Microsoft Exchange Server. By default in the shared folders the answer occurs in a folder, at deduction of key Shift the personal letter to the sender is created.
  • Support Outlook of forms in shared and local folders.
  • Completion of the module of cards.
  • Other..
Potolook plugin for Microsoft Outlook
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